Bluecube are pleased to announce the launch of their SureNet solution. Combining the fast, symmetric and reliable Quad EFM internet service with SIP technology the SureNet service offers great value and reliability.

Customers can now enjoy >20:20 MB internet connectivity with >16 voice channels included in the monthly rental. With the option to add more channels, up to a maximum of 60 channels, this solution is ideal for large SME and LE clients.


The installation SLA is 45 days and is achieved with three on site installations; first BT Openreach will install and test the EFM service before our TTB team visit to install and test the ADTRAN module and test for voice. A Bluecube engineer will then run final testing before migrating voice and data services on to the new service.

As with all Bluecube services, the end to end implementation of the solution is fully managed by a member of the provisioning and support team to ensure a smooth transition and that QoS is established and maintained.

For more information or to check for availability of service and get a price for your business address please contact the commercial team