How much do you use the cloud? How safe it is? Do you know the risks involved?

As the Managing Director of Bluecube Telecommunications, customers often ask me how secure the cloud is, because in 2016, more companies than ever before are considering using it. However, making the decision to move to the cloud could be either the best or worst decision a company can make.

Is it a friend or a foe to your business?

Almost any device can connect to a cloud network, as a server and as a storage platform too, and there is a growing trend in organisations migrating onto ‘The Cloud’.

It’s been an interesting progression to watch – people taking a leap of faith and moving from a fixed platform to a cloud-based one. Many are doing so because it can be an easy way to store and share files, it can improve manageability and it could require less maintenance than a physical service.

However, many have been moving to The Cloud with little or no concern about the safety and robustness of this ‘invisible’ network, which is why it is essential to have an effective migration plan in place to ensure a successful move onto the cloud.

cloud - friend or foe?

To ensure this migration is done correctly, here are a few points you need to consider:

Does your business have an adequate broadband bandwidth and redundancy? Imagine trying to access your files online with a slow internet connection or one that keeps cutting out. What would happen to business productivity if you lost connection to the internet?

Can you ensure you have adequate firewall and security provisions in place? Protecting your business against potential cyber threats is extremely important, and not having your network effectively protected poses a huge risk to your organisation, both financially and in terms of your reputation. ·

Have you thought about if your data is going to be held in the UK, elsewhere in the EU or somewhere else in the world? Laws about holding data differ from country to country, and may cause you some problems down the line if you are not storing it correctly.

You also need to consider that while using the cloud platform to its full potential could potentially enhance the efficiency of your business, could it potentially be leaving you exposed to external risks? On the flip side, are you making the most of what it has to offer? Would a hybrid solution of part cloud, part on-site IT, be preferable?

In order to answer these questions and more, we have gathered together a team of technology experts from across Lincolnshire. These include SCS Technology, Infrascale, Vanilla IP, Quickline and Bluecube, and I will be hosting an event with these companies at Doddington Hall, where we will also be opening questions to the floor so you can voice any queries you may have about the cloud.

This event, The Cloud – Friend or Foe?, will examine your options for connectivity, for an effective migration plan, disaster recovery, Internet redundancy and Cloud Voice.

The Cloud – Friend or Foe? will be held on Wednesday 18th of May at 8.30am – 11am at Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire. Spaces are limited and our previous events have been very successful, so please reserve your FREE place at, or contact Bluecube on 01522 717750 for more information.

The event is aimed solely at businesses looking to learn more about the Cloud.