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iOS 13 is due to be a huge overhaul to iOS. Announced during a keynote event in June 2019, it is expected to introduce a long list of new features.

Due for release this autumn, it is likely to be available at some point in September.

At Bluecube, we’ve had a look at some of the improvements coming to our iPhones with iOS 13.

Here’s our list of the top updates that you should expect!

1.     Dark Mode

We love Dark Mode! What’s not to love? Not only does it conserve battery power and ease the eye strain that you get from the stark white, but it also gives the interface a sleeker look.

So, we are ecstatic to see the mode get an official release on iOS 13. Dark Mode works with native apps and will be available for third-party developers to integrate.

It can be set to come on at sunset or at a specific time. Alternatively, they’ll be a quick toggle for it in the Control Centre to activate it at any time.

Also… it looks stunning!

IOS 13 in dark mode

2.     Swipe Typing

Swipe Typing is something that Android users have had available for years. So, it’s a relief to finally see Apple introducing it natively without the need for a third-party app.

Not aware of Swipe Typing? It’s quite simple.

It gives you the ability to run a finger across multiple keys without needing to lift it.

The result? It lets you type in blindingly fast speeds.

Admittedly it does take a little bit of getting use to using. However, once you’ve got the technique down, you’ll never go back to the old ways.

Screenshot of swipe typing on the ios13

3.     Sign In with Apple

Cast your minds back to the early days of 2019. You might recall a war of words between Apple & Facebook over privacy concerns.

In short, Apple isn’t a big fan of data collection of their users (after all, it isn’t a part of their business model). Whereas data collection is the way Facebook sell advertising space.

Sign In with Apple is Apple’s weapon in this war. And it should make Facebook scared.

Sign In with Apple allows users to sign in to third-party apps without sharing their email ID, phone number or any other personal details.

Apple says that this new tool will also keep you from being tracked online.

4.     Speed Boost

With iOS 13, Apple has looked into and improved all the different ways your iPhone works under-the-hood. The result? We’re looking at a phone that’s nearly 2 times as fast!

In more detail, we’re looking at a Face ID unlock that’s 30% faster. Meaning that the slight pause where you wait for your phone to unlock could be almost imperceptible.

Apple has also changed the way apps are packaged, resulting in apps that are up to 50% smaller.

That means faster downloads, less strain on data plans and with less storage space used. Additionally, it allows for apps to launch twice as fast.

5.     Revamped Photo app

iOS 13 brings a more powerful and advanced photo app to your iPhone. Initially, you’ll notice it overhaul the visuals and user experience.

When your iPhone first updates to iOS 13, it will automatically analyse all your existing photos (fortunately this all happens in the background so no need to wait). When completed, the photo gallery will be organised into different sized tiles in a grid format.

Apple’s very clever algorithm identifies the most important photos and prioritises them with a larger size.

Apple has also dramatically improved the editing ability for photos and videos in the Photo app. Now, you can crop & rotate video, have more control over the filters you apply and a whole host of new editing tools.

It looks like the iOS 13 is going to be one very exciting update!

We’re expecting to see its launch around the same time as the iPhone 11 – details of which we’ll be updating you with as we get them.

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