Quickline uses a combination of technologies to deliver Superfast internet, regardless of how remote the location. Quickline don’t use a phone line, instead they beam superfast internet directly to your business address. Installation times are fast too as all that’s required is an on-site receiver which is installed by a Quickline engineer. Quickline services are fast, reliable and secure and there is a range of products to suit all businesses.

Busines Connect delivers a broadband like service of up to 10, 30 or 50mbps. This is a contended service and speeds can fluctuate depending on network congestion. Beanstalk delivers guaranteed speeds of between 10 and 50mbps.

Line Of Sight Internet Added To Bluecube's Product Range

We have customer’s in rural areas that have been struggling with slow internet with only poor fixed line options available to them. Where coverage is available, Quickline solves this problem for our customers. The service can be installed with a week and the cost is so much lower than fibre optic service – Paul Reames

Quickline engineer - line of sight internet