Further to popular demand, Bluecube have partnered with a leading industry audio branding provider to offer professional audio branding to clients. Professional recordings can now be purchased to add as an “on hold” marketing message or auto-attendant message.

As the cliché goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and that’s why getting the callers experience right is so vitally important. Many businesses still get this wrong, even in the competitive environment that we all operate within today. A long silence where the inbound caller is unsure whether they are on hold or have been disconnected is a common mistake made by businesses. Likewise, having music on hold without the correct licensing is a mistake that could cost any business a serious fine from either the PRS or PPL bodies.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Bluecube customers can choose from a range of male or female voices and music tracks to use for their own professional audio branding. Plans starting at just £79.99+VAT are available on either a single payment or recurring charge basis, contact the commercial team at Bluecube for more details.

Once your company on hold and/or auto attendant marketing message have been created the team at Bluecube will upload and manage it for you at no additional cost.

Follow this link https://www.onholdoptions.co.uk/ to hear some of the voices and music available to use or simply call us on 01522 717750 or visit www.bluecubetele.com for more information.