Many VoIP providers sell their product as a plug and play solution. Handsets are despatched pre-configured to connect to the internet and the end user is left to their own devices to set up their new phone system.

Bluecube now offers professional installations for Silverline VoIP users. A professional installation means that a trained member of the Bluecube team will deliver your new VoIP system and deploy it on site. The devices are configured to the customer’s bespoke requirements and tested on site. Our team will ensure that handsets are configured to the individual users specifications, hunt groups are set up correctly, day and night rules are applied and any other requested features are installed correctly.

The Silverline VoIP system offers desktop software for the end user’s PC or MAC to pair their handset with their desktop. This enables the end user to view presence, access directories and perform various other functions using their PC/MAC rather than the handset. A professional installation includes the installation of this software on end user machines and training.

The other key benefit of a professional installation is the end user training given on site. Bluecube’s Silverline product is a highly intelligent phone system offering a wealth of features and functionality. Booking a professional installation will ensure you get the very best out of your new Bluecube system.

A new cloud based system or hosted service is usually a significant investment and we feel the client should get the right experience from the beginning. The feedback we’ve had from clients has been really positive and as this is the growth area for our business, Bluecube aim to become the best and first choice for any business deploying cloud communications – Emma Reames, Finance Director

For more information or to book an installation, please contact the Bluecube team on 01522 717750.