Due to the impact of COVID-19, Bluecube have implemented our business continuity plan and all staff are now working from home. We wanted to share how we’ve made WFH (working from home) simple and effective with our remote working tools.

Whilst there are some issues around the delivery and collection of customer equipment, the team are fully operational and our policies are working well. 

We’re using Microsoft Teams (although this is not a product we directly provide) to chat via IM. We find this is much quicker than sending emails and allows us to share documents and links across the whole organisation.

For our business calls, we’re using our own UC-One Trio soft client that allows us to make, receive and transfer calls both internally and externally. UC-One also has a collaboration suite for hosting virtual meetings, group video conferences and screen sharing facilities. The app can be deployed onto a laptop, PC, mobile or tablet.

Akixi, our live and historic call monitoring feature, displays call stats so management teams can see how many calls the business and individual users have had, how many calls the business has made and how many calls have been missed… as well as a host of other call reports.

We’ve been setting our clients up for home working for the last couple of weeks. Our remote workers can securely connect directly to their office phone system and tools using any home internet connection, making it easier for business to communicate remotely. With the additional benefits that come with our remote working communication tools, businesses can work smarter and easier (see our case studies). 

If you’re not a Bluecube client but want to point your main business number(s) at our apps so that you can work from home, please get in touch with our team.