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For many local businesses, the prospect of a white Christmas is a nightmare rather than Bing Crosby’s dream!

For many employees in the more remote locations of Lincolnshire, snow presents an unwanted winter challenge.

Getting to work when heavy snow has fallen can prove difficult and sometimes impossible.

We don’t have to delve too deep into the memory to recall our last heavy snowfall in the county. The so-called “Beast from the East” in 2018 paralysed much of the UK including large parts of Lincolnshire.

The city of Lincoln literally came to a standstill with gridlocked traffic trying to make its way through the snow. However, in rural areas like Louth, the consequences were far worse as many employees couldn’t get into the town at all for several days.

The “Beast from the East” was estimated to have cost the UK economy over £1bn per day whilst it lasted.

If the newspapers are to be believed we could be looking at our worst winter for 30 years with temperatures expected to plummet and snow to fall in January and February 2020.

By now you’re probably wondering why a Director of a communications company is talking like he’s from the Met Office? Well, the connection (excuse the pun) is telephony.

Many businesses can still access emails remotely when they can’t get to the office.

But answering calls is a big problem. Cloud-based telephony allows the end-user to take inbound calls on a business number and make calls that present that business number, regardless of their location.

In 2018, the team at Bluecube spent days diverting customer numbers to emergency mobile numbers whilst the snow meant they were unable to travel.

Customers were also pleased to find out that Bluecube could improve business continuity a step further. By simply downloading our cloud app to a mobile phone, PC or laptop, employees were able to take calls to their desk extensions as if they were actually there and then transfer calls around the business.

Customers that used the app during the bad weather in 2018 were able to simply unsubscribe from the service when the bad weather cleared and return to their normal subscription plan.

So, don’t wait for disaster to strike this winter, create a communications continuity plan for your business with Bluecube and then relax and enjoy the snow!

Happy New Year from all at Bluecube.