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Bluecube provide businesses like yours with the best mobile phone deals across all uk networks. With a huge variety of handsets, mobile data packages and mobile tariff options we’ll find you the best contract to suit your business needs. Call our friendly team of experts today for some fast and free advice!

Samsung Galaxy A20e

Samsung A20 Mobile Phone
Unlimited calls & texts, 16GB of 4G data 24 month contract £21.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB

Apple iPhone SE 64GB product shot
Unlimited calls & texts, 50GB of 4G data 24 month contract £33.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal


Unlimited calls & texts, 100GB of 4G data EE SIM-Only Deal £21.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Mobile Broadband 60GB

EE Mobile Broadband with 60GB 4G data and FREE Dongle 24 month contract with inclusive EU roaming £17.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Apple iPhone 11 64GB

Apple iPhone 11
Unlimited calls & texts, 50GB of data Free BT Sports App. 180 mins of International Direct Dialling. 24 month contract £49.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung A10 mobile phone in blue
Unlimited calls & texts, 12GB data 32GB internal storage. 13MP rear camera + 5MP front camera. 24 month contract £18.99 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32GB

100GB of 4G mobile broadband data Premium metal finish with stunning WUXGA display and true to life 3D sound. 24 month contract £36.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64GB

iPhone 11 Pro Grey
Unlimited calls and texts, 20GB of data Free BT Sports App. 180 mins of International Direct Dialling. 36 month contract £48.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Huawei Y6

Unlimited calls & texts, 16GB of data Dewprop HD+ display with 13MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. 24 month contract £19.50 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Nokia 1 Plus

Nokia 1 Plus Red Mobile Phone
Unlimited calls and texts, 16GB of data Android 9 OS with a 5.45" display. 24 month contract £19.00 +VAT p/m Get this deal

Apple iPhone 11 64GB

Apple iPhone 11
Unlimited calls and texts, 20GB of data 24 month contract £47.99 +VAT p/m Get this deal

SIM-Only Deal

Vodafone Sim Card
Unlimited calls, texts & 20GB data Business SIM only contract £19.50 +VAT p/m Get this deal


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    Choosing the best business mobile deal for your organisation can be tricky. With a vast range of plans over different networks, offering unlimited calls and mobile data allowances, it can be really hard to find the right deal for your company. The mobile team at Bluecube will help you to find the right deal, on a network that gives you the right coverage. Once you’re connected we’ll offer you 24/7 support you can rely so that you don’t have to waste time trying to contact the carrier.


    The best business deals for 2019

    Having your mobile, business broadband internet and telephony services under one roof with Bluecube means you’ll save time and money.

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    Cloud based phone systems

    Connect to our cloud based telephony with profiles to suit any business user. Flexible agreements with zero set up cost.

    Further information...

    Looking for the best minutes or texts? Need plenty of mobile broadband for business apps?

    For small businesses, high upfront costs can be off-putting. What are the best UK networks to give you the greatest coverage?

    At Bluecube, we provide clear and professional advice to help you save money. Your account manager will ensure you get the right tools for your remote workers.

    Couple that with Bluecube’s award-winning customer service team who can deal direct with the networks so you don’t have to.

    How much of your business is operated on your phone?

    These clever little devices in our hands have revolutionised our lives. They deliver us our emails, let us browse websites and let us call someone from anywhere.

    Today’s businesses move fast. Not being available via phone, or email can cost you a deal and possibly lose you a customer.

    As business owners, you and your staff need to be mobile. To stay connected.

    At Bluecube, we strive to provide our customers with three guarantees;

    • Value for Money – We understand you need to keep the bills under control. Bluecube aims to deliver you the best value-for-money service compared to the national network providers. This means you get more for your money.
    • Coverage & Speed – Slow download speeds or a lack of coverage could prevent your customers from getting in touch with you. Bluecube aims to find you the best network provider and coverage for your needs.
    • Customer Support – You get a dedicated Account Manager (and one that won’t leave after 2 months!). We’re committed to building a working relationship with you. This includes you have one point of contact for everything.

    What is a business mobile phone tariff plan?

    A business mobile phone tariff plan allows you to get better rates than a standard plan. It allows you to ‘bundle’ or ‘pool’ all your calls & data used by your employees into one bill. It may also be possible to get you a plan where calls made to the same network are cheaper, or even free. This can help cut the cost of making calls between employees.

    Which is the best business mobile network?

    The big four UK providers (EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3) all offer between 97% and 99% population coverage. Picking the carrier with the best 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G coverage depends on who has the best local coverage. All of the networks offer an online postcode check facility but these results are not conclusive and there are more reliable ways of checking. Check with a pre-pay SIM in an unlocked phone is the best way to be sure you’ll get a signal.

    What type of phones can I get?

    At Bluecube we offer a whole range of different devices, from the latest iPhone or Samsung handsets to cheaper more affordable models. If you already have a device, we can also offer a range of pay monthly SIM-only business deals.

    Do you have plans for small businesses?

    We’re able to provide a plan for businesses of any size, from under 10 employees to over 1000. Each plan is individually tailored and sourced with your bespoke requirements.

    Which network offers the best-unlimited plan?

    Finding the best unlimited UK calls plan is complicated as plans are constantly changing. Your best bet is to find an independent telecoms provider that can show you a comparison of plans on any UK carrier.

    Can I get a deal with international calls?

    Yes. We can offer you deals with international calls.

    How can I get the best deal?

    Most independent providers can give a mobile tariff review that looks at all of the mobile network operators and therefore gives them a broader view of the deals available. Pay monthly SIM only plans are becoming extremely popular where the user simply buys their chosen device separately. Most deals now include unlimited UK calls and the user simply needs to decide how much 4G or 5G data they need each month.

    What is the best phone for a business?

    It depends on not only the available budget but also on the user’s requirements. With some devices cost in excess of £1500 but others cost less than £100 it really does depend on what individual users requirements are. Apple’s iPhone is still going from strength to strength in the market where the mobile device is the end user’s primary business tool. For users that simply want to make a call, send a message or access basic applications, a more basic Android device might suffice. Seek independent advice and visit mobile phone retailers to get a feel for the kind of functionality each one offers.

    Do you offer business SIM only deals?

    Yes. SIM only deals are a brilliant way of keeping costs down. If you have your own device that you want to keep, we can explore options for SIM-only contracts with you.

    What’s the maximum number of devices can I have on a plan?

    There is no limit. We’re able to accommodate companies with any number of employees.

    How do I get the best business mobile phone deal?

    Deals and discounts on phone plans are usually awarded based on the size of the company and the number of users. Work out what kind of deal you want your plan to look like and negotiate hard for the right deal. An independent provider will probably do most of the work for you and so it could be worth approaching one for comparison against any deal you might broker.

    How can I get a contract phone?

    Firms looking for a mobile phone that is part of a contract should search for a good independent business mobile phone provider. The best deals can be hard to find. Search for a provider that offers all of the major UK mobile networks and can, therefore, choose from all of the available business tariffs.

    How do you get an upgrade?

    Contact your contract provider and request a list of your contract end dates or simply a list of those numbers qualifying for an upgrade. Make sure you shop around online for the best deals and be aware that deals change fast.

    Who has the best mobile phone deals?

    Mobile tariffs change on an almost daily basis. Using the internet to find competitive deals is always a good idea but be sure to research the provider too. Google reviews are usually a reliable indicator of good and bad companies.

    How to negotiate a mobile phone contract?

    Finding a couple of comparable mobile deals with different networks is a good way to negotiate the best deal. Push your chosen provider to match the areas of your second choice providers package that they fall short on.

    What is the best mobile phone plan for a small business?

    There is no small business tariff that’s the right fit for all. Plans change regularly and every business is unique in its own requirements. Depending on the end-users job role the amount of data and the add on features required will vary dramatically. Tariff prices are largely dictated by the value of the device provided and the amount of data included with the plan. UK minutes and texts are generally unlimited now and so choosing a plan with the right amount of data should be the main focus. With some models of iPhone costing well over £1000 now this can seriously increase your monthly tariff price.

    Can I buy a mobile phone through my business?

    Most businesses now provide at least some staff with a mobile phone. For some job roles having a mobile device is critical and any call charges or charges over the basic tariff price are subject to tax relief.