Bluecube has allowed us to transition to contemporary working through the pandemic extremely ably and have made Masons truly mobile. It’s been a great success.

Masons & Partners LLP

Masons and Partners LLP is one of Lincolnshire’s most experienced and longest-established family firms advising clients on property and land matters. They have a distinct reputation for achieving the best possible prices for their clients across their estate agency sales and lettings, their rural professional land agency and business advice and their livestock market.

Its expert team offers uncompromising client support to farmers, landowners, property developers, vendors and landlords across Lincolnshire. Comprised of a qualified team of industry professionals, their ranks include chartered surveyors, RICS registered valuers, land agents, lettings agents, AMC agents, auctioneers and negotiators.


The challenge

The team needed a communications system as robust and inherently adaptable as their own approach to work. While keeping all established phone numbers for this long-standing business, we introduced a new truly mobile phone system that allows the staff to do away with traditional, outmoded handsets and to work from home and the office interchangeably as required by the shifting needs of the business. 


The solution

Replacing the conventional phone model with a VOIP cloud-based phone system, including porting over all existing numbers and allowing calls to be made through high-speed internet connectivity. 


The results

A ‘truly mobile’ cloud-based Wildix phone system that interfaces directly with the client’s own customer management system, offering improved efficiency across the entire business and allowing calls to be accessed from any location as well as traced as needed – to ensure clear and consistent communication.



Setting Masons up with a cloud-based unified communications system ensures that the historic firm’s growing team can remain in constant contact, whatever their device and wherever they happen to be – whether it be working from home, at the office or with clients out in the field as they impart invaluable advice. 

The cutting-edge VOIP system ensures that the business is able to work smartly and grants seamless communication and cohesion between devices, platforms and all departments of the business. Vitally, they’re also scalable – meaning that Masons can drive up or dial down the number of licenses and devices as dictated by the shifting needs of the business and its customer base. 


From pandemic panic to an optimised workflow

When the pandemic hit, virtually every UK business had to take stock and reevaluate their business model to ensure their longevity. Masons were one of thousands of companies across the nation that leaned headfirst into the government-mandated lockdown and reconfigured their business to better suit the needs of their staff and consumers. 

By employing a cloud-based system, Masons can transfer calls internally or to external contacts regardless of their physical location, as well as sharing conversations and all customer touch-points in one central location that every member of the right team can access. Critically, they can also add or remove team members remotely – eliminating the need for clunky inductions for new staff members and replacing it with a seamless online system that ensures everyone is better connected.


Customer quotation

Simon Williams MRICS FAAV, MD, Chartered Surveyor & Valuer (Masons & Partners LLP)

We’ve been a customer of Bluecube for around five years and it’s been a really good relationship. Well, over the last five years our business has changed, particularly over the last two years – because of technology we’ve been able to transition to contemporary working through the pandemic extremely ably and we’re very pleased we have. A key development for us was having the ability to do away with the handsets and making my colleagues truly mobile in the way that they operate. Bluecube has enabled us to go through that process and it’s been a great success. I’m very pleased about that. 

As with all modern businesses, we use it a great deal and what’s really important to me is valuing those relationships with those who support us, whether it be hardware or software and our telephone system falls into that wholeheartedly. 

I think good support is critical to keep us moving, and keep us up and running. When inevitably software and hardware falls over, we need people there to support us. By working with Bluecube, it allows us to know that we have got Lincolnshire-based support there whenever we need it – and that’s invaluable.