The customer service, instant support and feeling that you are dealing with individuals who truly care about your business is second to none. Highly recommended.

YMCA Lincolnshire

YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. In England and Wales the charity intensively supports 228,000 young people every year, ensuring each young person they meet has an opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive in society.

Bluecube were initially approached to look at the internet connectivity across  YMCA Lincolnshire and Leicestershire’s network of sites. Since then Bluecube have gone on to manage the hosted telephony and mobile phone services for the organisation.

The challenge

As the charity were upgrading their IT systems and migrating their core infrastructure to a cloud-based solution, fast and reliable connectivity was of paramount importance. Bluecube were also asked to provide some cost analysis on their mobile fleet and now also manage the hosted telephony for the organisation.

The solution

A variety of internet services, ranging from a 300 Mbps Ethernet service to line-of-sight connectivity and FTTC. Bluecube also provided a bespoke mobile upgrade to accommodate the tailored needs of the charity’s senior management team and other users. Hosted telephony was rolled out across the organisation to replace the on-site PBX that was previously in use.

The result

Increased bandwidth across the entire organisation and upgraded mobile hardware with reduced cost tariffs to provide significant savings. Crucially, the full management of the organisations’ communications infrastructure, including their hosted telephony solution, is now being managed by Bluecube’s service desk team.

High speed connectivity

A 300MB Ethernet solution was installed to offer a dedicated and guaranteed service with a 4 hour SLA. Bluecube provided a connectivity report which compared the best speeds, carriers and pricing available. A Virgin line was chosen due to the competitive price and Bluecube fully managed a site survey. As part of the survey, Virgin engineers carried out inspections and confirmed the service was secure and available to install. The installation finished ahead of the 90-day installation lead time and the charity was fully active on their new internet service within around 60 days of the order being placed.

Line-of-Sight is just one of the options in Bluecube’s extensive portfolio of internet services. The wireless service works by attaching a receiver dish to the side of the business property which then points at a wireless internet transmitter. The line-of-sight service was ideal for rural locations where fibre and copper services were not able to provide a workable speed.

Cisco Broadsoft Hosted Telephony solution

Finally Bluecube reviewed and replaced the organisations telephony and communication infrastructure. Expensive and hard to manage on-site PBX (phone system) hardware was replaced by Bluecube’s Cisco Broadsoft solution.

  • Hosted Telephony
  • 100+ phone system features plus mobility
  • Collaboration – chat, file sharing
  • Call- Centre management solutions and live reporting software

Customer Quotation

Dan Rogers, Commercial Manager

“We moved all of our comms – broadband, phones and support systems over to Bluecube after over 20 years with a previous supplier. This was a huge undertaking over several sites and services. The team performed this perfectly – the customer service, instant support and feeling that you are dealing with individuals who truly care about your business is second to none. Highly recommended.”