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We offer unlimited free UK call bundles, real time presence & reporting, call recording, audio marketing, advanced call routing and many more fantastic features.

Integrate with your other favourite software such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

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Unlimited Users

tick iconBluecube Cloud Voice is fully scalable, from 1 user to an unlimited amount

Fraud Prevention

tick iconAutomatic credit locks are activated in the event of suspicious activity

Automatic Firmware Updates

tick iconRegular updates ensure security and new features are always up to date
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Enhanced Features

tick iconEach individual user can have the features they need for their job role

Flexible Hardware

tick iconWorks with a range of handsets as well as computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets

Monitor & Report

tick iconLive and historic call monitoring and reporting to make smarter decisions and enhance resources


65% of sales enquiries are still made by telephone. Yet many UK businesses are still not taking advantage of the communications technology available to them and maximising these sales opportunities.

Bluecube VoIP allows you to monitor calls and user performance so you can make smarter business decisions. Our system also allows you to effortlessly upload marketing messages so you can promote services or cross-sell to customers when they are on hold. Track and return missed calls so you know that you are never missing out on potential sales with Akixi our live call reporting tool.


Enhance your business telephony

It’s more than just a call. Along with superior call quality, Bluecube’s cloud voice systems offer a range of powerful features to allow you to do more with your landline and mobile numbers. Discover the full range of phone system features list on offer:

VoIP System Features How Our VoIP Works


User Features

Green telephone handset icon

UK Numbers

Keep your main business phone number and/or choose from a huge range of local, national and non-geographical numbers.
Green voicemail icon

Personalised Voicemail

Set up personalised or group voicemails and manage them remotely from any device.
receive voicemail to emails icon

Voicemail to Email

Get your voicemails emailed directly to your inbox. Listen, access and respond to them on the go.
Call transfer icon

Call Transfer

Live VoIP calls can be transferred both internally and externally across any location or device.
Flexible hardware icon

Flexible Hardware

Choose from a wide range of desktop or cordless phones, conference phones or headsets.
Live activity feed for users icon

Live Activity Feed

See all your call, voicemail and messaging activity live from any device.
Mobile app Icon

Mobile App

Stay connected to your office community with our mobile device applications.
Desktop to landline app

Desktop App

Control your phone system with our powerful desktop app for Mac & Windows computers.
Green backup number icon

Backup Solutions

Our standard Disaster Recovery service redirects calls to another number or range of numbers in the event of a loss of connectivity or other incident.
Device sync icon

Device Sync

Synchronise your entire call history, contacts and messages across all your devices to access anywhere.
cloud call recording

Call Recording

Improve quality control of your business calls. Record, review, share and download on demand.
Call forwarding icon

Call Forwarding

Send calls to another number or direct to voicemail when out-of-hours or otherwise busy.
CRM management icon

CRM Management

Link into a compatible CRM system to get instant access to contact details when a customer calls.
On hold greeting and marketing icon

On-Hold Marketing

Create marketing messages that can be uploaded straight to your phone system.
Green Address book icon

Address Books

Save your clients' numbers in an easily accessible address book that syncs with your desktop VoIP phone and mobile phone.

Collaboration Features

allocate team numbers icon

Team Numbers

Give teams individual hunt group numbers for direct access to specific departments
Call conferencing icon

Conference Calling

Host conference calls between team members and clients for no additional cost.
CRM integrations icon

CRM Integrations

Integrate your IP phone with a wide range of popular CRM systems so all your tools can work together.
Call transfer icon

Call Transfer

Introduce live calls to colleagues before you transfer from your desktop or mobile phone.
shared contacts between users icon

Shared Contacts

Select which contacts and address books to share between teams & colleagues so details are available to everyone.
P2P instant messaging between users icon

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging between colleagues and teams which can be accessed from any device.
Green call barging icon

Call Barging

Perfect for training and quality monitoring, call barging allows you to listen in to live calls.
Call queue manager icon

Call Queuing Manager

Manage high volumes of queued calls by reassigning agents to busy queues when required.
Homeworking icon in blue

Home Working

Remote workers can securely connect directly to their office phone system and tools using any home internet connection.

Admin Features

Add and remove users icon in green

Add & Remove Users

Add and remove users instantly with an easy-to-use management system.
Allocate team numbers icon

Manage Team Numbers

Add users to team numbers at a click of a button to help with workflow.
Call centre manager icon

Call Centre Manager

Improve customer interactions and service levels with our management system.
Disaster recovery icon green

Disaster Recovery

Set up a failover that automatically kicks in should blackouts occur, ensuring phone calls are always answered.
Instant user lock-out icon

Instant User Lock-out

Instantly lock-out users when devices go missing.
Call reporting icon

Call Reporting

Live and historic call reporting to monitor and track user activity.
credit locking icon

Credit Locking

Automated outbound call barring when a pre-agreed call credit threshold has been reached, with email and SMS notifications.

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Cloud based phone systems

Connect to our cloud based telephony with profiles to suit any business user. Flexible agreements with zero set up cost.

Questions about VoIP?

What is a VoIP phone?

VoIP phones use hardware and software to handle telephone calls using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology.

Phone calls are placed over internet connections rather than the traditional legacy technology of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). VoIP telephone systems draw their power over ethernet.

You’ll find that due to the reduced infrastructure needed to deliver cloud voice calls on VoIP technology, calls can be provided at a very low cost.

As VoIP also uses the internet to deliver your phone system, many new features and services are available to small and medium-sized businesses that were previously unaffordable, such as voicemail-to-email, call recording, music-on-hold and call divert.

What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This basically means that phone calls are transmitted through the internet network rather than the traditional copper-wire network built for the telephone system.

Can you use VoIP phones as a regular phone?

Yes. VoIP phones can do everything a regular landline or mobile phone can. At its simplest, you still get your usual desk phone handset. You can even use cordless phones.

This can be used to ring and dial out to make and receive calls. The only difference is that your voice is communicated via internet connections rather than copper lines.

Some services, such as our Bluecube Cloud Voice technology, can take advantage of this and can allow you to direct your landline calls to your mobile device. This means that you don’t have to be anywhere near your handset to make or receive landline calls.

Are VoIP phone systems suitable for small businesses?

Small businesses that think big need VoIP. Due to the extensive features lists at a reasonable cost, VoIP phone systems are the perfect option for small businesses. VoIP phone features allow small businesses to gain access to settings previously only reserved for large enterprises. For example; call recording, on-hold marketing and remote working options. Because VoIP systems are set up per user and through an existing internet connection, they are great for expanding businesses.

Does VoIP require internet connections?

Yes. VoIP requires an internet connection to make and receive phone calls. This is can be through a wired connection, a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection. Typically we suggest that businesses run their VoIP connection through a separate internet connection for the best service.

What is the price of a VoIP office phone system?

Different factors can vary pricing. The size of your team. Type of handset you want. Additional extras you might want to include to your package. All these can influence how much a system can cost. Typically, the value you get from the system far outweighs traditional phone lines.

What are the advantages of using VoIP?

Using a VoIP phone system has several advantages for businesses.

VoIP provides communication at a lower cost compared to traditional landline phones. It can also introduce many feature-rich advantages that previously required a large internal infrastructure.

This means even small businesses can now introduce features such as on-hold marketing, call recording, voicemail-to-email. CRM integration, remote working via device sync and much more can also be introduced.

VoIP phones also allow for easy scalability for growing businesses. Traditional landline phones required costly upgrades or extensions to a business phone system upon the intake of new employees. With VoIP system technology, a handset can very quickly and easily be introduced into the network via an existing ethernet port.

Are VoIP phone systems cheaper than a landline?

VoIP based technology is significantly cheaper than traditional phone lines. This is because it does not rely on the legacy technology of PSTN & ISDN to provide a connection. These traditional lines are copper-based networks that providers find expensive to maintain.

Additionally, using a cloud-based phone system also introduces many features and benefits for businesses of all size. This allows businesses to get better value-for-money from VoIP systems compared to traditional landlines.